KCR showers Huzurnagar with development gifts

KCR showers Huzurnagar with development gifts

Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao on Saturday showered gifts on Huzurnagar Assembly constituency, which recently elected TRS candidate Sanampudi Saidi Reddy, ending the run of the Congress in the constituency.

Chandrashekhar Rao, who addressed a thanksgiving public meeting here, said the resounding victory with a 40,000 plus vote majority for Saidi Reddy, will inspire the TRS government to work for the people with even more dedication.


“This was not an ordinary victory. The other parties levelled many allegations and charges, raised many doubts. But you, the voters, sifted through all of that and chose your MLA with a strong majority,” he said.

He said: “Some people did not like the development we have been achieving. You have all given a strong reply to such critics. Through this victory, you have said ‘KCR you are right, KCR go ahead.”

While the Chief Minister showered the constituency with a number of gifts, including funds for development of gram panchayats and Huzurnagar and Nereducherla towns, he assured the large gathering that he will now focus on ensuring irrigation in the erstwhile Nalgonda district. “You gave the victory,” the Chief Minister told the gathering. “I am here to lead Huzurnagar on the path to progress.”

Extensive tours

“In the next 15 to 20 days, I will travel from here to Nagarjuansgar and meet people and farmers. I appeal to Minister Jagadish Reddy to tour the district extensively along with other public representatives, and if need be use a couple of helicopters to have a first-hand assessment of irrigation needs. Once you have a good idea, I will also come with you. I take the responsibility for ensuring irrigation to every last acre of the ayacut,” he said.

The Chief Minister also promised that funds will be provided in this year’s as well as next year’s budget for this purpose. “While the potential is for irrigating 10 lakh acres, just about 3,75 lakh acres receive water,” he said.

Chandrashekhar Rao said the next task on hand for him was to ensure bringing water from the Godavari to Nagarjunasagar Left Canal that, through its distributaries, serves the erstwhile Nalgonda district. “Now that I am a little more free from pursuing Kaleshwaram project which is getting completed, I will focus on getting Godavari water to NS Left Canal so two crops can be grown in a year in the district, he said.

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