KTR Bats For Electric Vehicles Promotion To Check Pollution

Hyderabad, Oct.30 (Hydnow): Industries Minister KT Rama Rao said Telangana is turning out to be a hub for electric vehicles promotion and storage of oil resources.

The new state policy of electric vehicles is being successful in about 1000 acres near city to give better results to check future pollution, he said

Along with ministers P Ajay Kumar and Indrakaran Reddy, KTR has unveiled the Electric vehicles policy in a high level conference held on electric vehicles production, cooperation and participation here at MCR HRD. Mahindra company head Anand Mahindra and Niti Ayog Chairman, Amitabh Kanth have attended this crucial video conferencing and shared their views.

The minister has announced about 1000 acres of land bank is, available in Maheshwaram area for promotion and manufacturing of electric vehicles to prevent pollution. He said that 3 D mantra will help develop the state as a place sans industrial pollution, promote electric vehicles through digitisation and decentralisation. Amid corona pandemic and economic slow down across the country, we have to consistently run for ease of doing business.

Telangana has attracted 2.8 lakh billion dollars investments through our hassle free single window permission policy. We aim to promote industries to set up shops and expand and check pollution to augmenting state economic growth KTR has said.

The meeting focussed on development and promotion of electric vehicles, preserving oil resources in the state with big sops that have already been announced and a GO was issued in this regard. There is scope of getting investments in chafing stations, battery manufacturing units to boost electric vehicles promotion and production. There is huge land mass, solar power and achieve better results by using available resources he said.

The IT minister has said that the youngest state of Telangana gas achieved speedy economic development at national level and on growth trajectory in other fields. We plan to build a state to support production of non polluting vehicles to ensure better and liveable environment for posterity, the minister averred.

He assured of all help, cooperation, and support of facilities, permissions for the same.

Actor Vijay Devarakonda who attended the event at MCR HRD has appreciated the state government for sops to farm sector, industrial promotion and others. The KCR government and KTR are involved in industrial and all round development to reach next mile he added. (Hydnow)

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