KTR Slams Sanjay On Shameful On Covid Funds

Hyderabad, Sept.21 (Hydnow): Industries Minister KT Rama Rao criticized the BJP leadership for false information campaign on Covid-19 funds from the Centre.

Responding in Twitter KTR hit out at the comments of the BJP MP Bandi Sanjay that the Centre released Rs 7000 crore and the state government diverted them.
The minister said that the Centre has released just Rs 290 crore so far the purpose. The BJP MP indulging in false campaign of huge funds offered by the centre and being misused he charged. There is no truth in the MP’s comments and the centre has already informed of releasing Rs 290 crore in two phases by Sept 10, the minister said.
The Union Minister Ashwin Kumar Chaubey in a written reply to Sanjay question on corona funds, Rs 33. 40 cr for 2019-20 and Rs 256.89 cr for 2020-21. When that is the centre reply, the BJP MP talks of huge funds, KTR said.

He took serious exception to the BJP leader remarks of bad propaganda on corona funds.The BJP is not able to digest the state government schemes of welfare and functioning, he said. The government is offering g better services to co KTR said that
TS BJP MPs claim that Govt of India released a staggering Rs 7,000 Cr to Telangana in the fight against COVID-19. The NDA Govt in response to a question answered that all they had released to Telangana was Rs 290 Crore KTR said.

What an absolute shameful distortion and misleading propaganda, he fumed. (Hydnow)

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