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KTR Warns Centre of Launching Big Protest

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Hyderabad, Feb. 7 (Hydnow): IT Minister KT Rama Rao today warned the Centre of launching big protest if it tries to privatise Singareni mines. It is not a coal mine and Singareni is a gold mine in the State of Telangana, he claimed.

He demanded that the Centre stop its plan to auction four mines in Singareni Collieries, otherwise the miners, TRS leadership and government will take up protests in Delhi to mount pressure, he warned.

“We will not allow the Centre to privatise or sell some of the mines in the coal belt in the State”, he said. He wrote a letter to Union Minister Prahlad Joshi and protested the Centre’s plan to privatise the coal mines. He lashed out at the BJP Government for trying to cheat the people of the State by denying projects, institutions and funds.


“It is not a coal mine and indeed a gold mine for Telangana as it earns huge income”, KT Rama Rao said. The state government is encouraging the coal mine workers for better production and to get income.

“For the last seven years, the Singareni Collieries earned good revenues and we will not allow mines’ privatization”, the minister said.

“The TRS will take up a movement against the BJP Government against its conspiracy to privatise four mines in Singareni collieries. We will storm national Capital and mount pressure on the Centre, he said, adding that the coal mine workers are ready to take on the Centre for its plan to auction four mines.


The Centre was trying to suppress the coal mines from getting better revenues, he charged. The Centre has to desist from conspiracy against the development of Singareni collieries and welfare of the miners, he said.

The TRS leadership and the State government will wage a war against the Centre to withdraw its plan to privatise the same, he said. (Hydnow)

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