• Sat. May 25th, 2024
Man who Distributed Liquor to Addicts ArrestedMan who Distributed Liquor to Addicts Arrested

Hyderabad: The Saroornagar Prohibition and Excise personnel on Monday arrested a man on charges of distributing liquor to people on the road at Champapet on Sunday.

The man, identified as Kumar, had allegedly distributed pegs of alcohol to people., who were addicted to liquor and were suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

Kumar, who was returning from work reportedly noticed a woman suffering from convulsions allegedly due to lack of alcohol. She was shifted to a hospital later on.


Other people, who were also desperately in need of alcohol as they were addicted to it, were also there. Kumar, who had an alcohol bottle at his residence, distributed it to people who desperately needed it.

He claimed that his intention was not to violate the government norms but to help the people.

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