Minister KTR Asks Centre To Cancel Farm Laws

Hyderabad, Dec.8 (Hydnow): Municipal Minister K T Rama Rao today staged a sit – in protest and a dharna at Burgula toll gate near Shadnagar on Bengaluru National Highway.

Farmers are not terrorists who are seeking withdrawal of three farm laws, he charged. Along with minister Srinivas Goud, MP Keshav, Rao and other TRS leaders, KTR held dharna stalling the vehicular movement.

Holding the placard reading “Farmers are nit Terrorists “, he demanded the Centre to roll back the three farmers laws. The business people are not to loot people by hoarding of the sticks he warned.

The centre has to refrain from anti-people and farmers policies. We are determined to oppose these farmers laws for not assuring any MSP to farm produce.

Entire nation is protesting the farm laws as that the corporate sector the minister fumed. The BJP government in the centre is fir doing the farmers and going the corporate bigwigs he alleged.

The Minister said that all sections are supporting the farmers protest. We object to these laws failed to ensure MSP as that benefit the corporate companies, the minister said. The Centre has to consider the demands of the farmers giving food to the nation he suggested.

The Telangana government opposes these laws and mount pressure on the centre. The new farm laws cause loss to the farmers and consumers as they benefit the corporate sector he deplored.

Several Ministers also took part in the protests across the state that led to large scale traffic jams and stalling of vehicular movement. The Telangana government opposes these laws and mount pressure on the centre. (Hydnow)

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