MLA Jagga Reddy Lashes Out At Rival Parties

Hyderabad, Dec.15 (Hydnow): Congress party MLA T. Jagga Reddy lashed out rival TRS BJP and MIM parties and alleged that the three parties were hatching plans to remove the congress party from the political scene of the state. He made it clear barring congress party all other parties were working for their political gains.

He also said that the congress party would always work for the development of the state and the country. Referring to the visit of the Chief Minister KCR to national capital New Delhi, he claimed that the Chief Minister had visited the National capital and met with Union Home Minister Amit shah for his personal political gains. He also wondered as to why the BJP state president Bandi Sanjay also went Delhi soon after the meeting of the CM with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Referring to the repeated statements of the Bandi Sanjay that they would send CM KCR to jail, he demanded the state president of the Lotus party to tell the date and time and deadline of the arrest of the CM. He mocked that both TRS and the BJP were friends in Delhi but foes in the state.(Hydnow)

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