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Murder Or Suicide? Many Questions In The Moinabad Girl’s Death Case!!

Murder Or Suicide? Many Questions In The Moinabad Girl's Death Case!!Murder Or Suicide? Many Questions In The Moinabad Girl's Death Case!!

City Bureau, Jan 12 (Hydnow): The police have cracked the case of the suspicious death of a Moinabad Young woman. The deceased was identified as a young woman from Old Town. It was not murder..it was concluded as suicide. On the 8th of this month, a number 100 received a call that an unidentified body was burning near Dream Valley Resorts, Moinabad, Bakaram village.

When the police reached the spot, the body was completely burnt. A cell phone without SIM was found at the scene. Evidence was collected in the neighborhood with the help of Clueteam and Jagilas.

At first, the police suspected that someone had murdered and shot the young woman, and started an investigation to identify the deceased. Along with Moinabad police, Rajendranagar CCS police entered the field and analyzed 200 missing cases with the help of CC cameras, tower location and mobile phones and solved the mystery.


According to the police report, on the 8th of this month, between 1.30 and 2 o’clock in the afternoon, a CCTV camera recorded that an auto was going from Yenkapally towards Bakaram. Based on that footage, the auto driver was identified as Saeed Wasim of Rajendranagar. When he was interrogated, he revealed that at 11.30 a.m. that day, a young woman boarded his auto in Mallepally and told him to go to Dream Valley for Rs.1100. He said that after first going to his friend’s house in Muradnagar, he went to another friend’s house in Royal Colony in Humayunnagar. After 15 minutes, the young woman came with a bag containing a five liter can, got back in the auto and revealed that she had gone to Moinabad Dream Valley. Police said that the young woman who got off the auto at a farmhouse there, the driver revealed during their investigation that he had given her an auto charge of Rs.1100.

After that, at 1.53 pm, he called his friend Rahil and after that he switched off his mobile, the investigation confirmed. On the basis of this phone call, Rahil was interrogated and said that the girl was identified as Tahseen Beg of Mallepally in Old Basti. Tahseen Begum was very close with a friend of her classmate. In this order, the police explained that due to the recent conflicts between the two of them, both of them have been staying away for a few days, moreover, Tahseen Begum fell into depression after her family members objected to their close relationship. It was revealed during the investigation that she had committed suicide once in the past. In this sequence, Tahseen Begum, who was under mental pressure, committed suicide as she could not bear the separation of her friend. (Hydnow) 

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