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Narayana Students Create Records in International OlympiadsNarayana Students Create Records in International Olympiads

Hyderabad: Students from Narayana School have achieved record-breaking results in stage 1 of International Mathematics Olympiad-2019, according to a press release. Apart from securing 1st ranks in classes 3, 4 and 7, Narayana students have achieved 77.96% of international top 500 ranks, 41.32% of top 100 international ranks, 29.27% of top 50 international ranks and 10.75% of top 10 international ranks.

Dr Sindhura Narayana, Managing Director of Narayana Group, said the educational institutions were sending the largest number of students to the Stage 2 of IMO and no other institution in the country has this unique distinction.

“The results emphatically prove that the education system at Narayana is exceptional. The superior Integrated Curriculum and superlative academic planning is the reason why Narayana students are coming out with flying colours,” she said.


Dr Sindhura said Narayana students are given a strong foundation in Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Astronomy along with Computer Sciences and General Aptitude. Group’s Executive Director Puneeth Kothapa congratulated the students on their success and thanked the teachers and parents.

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