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One Month In Power Has Been Satisfying: Revanth 

One Month In Power Has Been Satisfying: Revanth One Month In Power Has Been Satisfying: Revanth 

Hyderabad, Jan 7 (Hydnow): Chief Minister Revanth Reddy on Sunday said that the one month reign was satisfying and assured that he would continue to deliver his duties with responsibility and remain forever in the hearts of the people. 

He was sworn in as the Chief Minister on December 7, as he completed one month in office, the Chief Minister said on ‘X’  “Breaking the shackles and offering freedom, besides fulfilling the people’s aspirations, this one month reign has been satisfying. 

“All through the one month journey, the assurance that was given, as the servant of the people, I will remain there in their hearts and will fulfill all the promises given during the election campaign.   Priority to Industrial growth and promising commitment to investments, this month-long reign had continued with a sense of responsibility and determination while ensuring freedom from intoxication, the Chief Minister said. 


“Listening to the poor, paving the way for youth’s future, ensuring smiles on women and extending assurance to farmers, the month-long administration is marching towards a bright future, ” Revanth Reddy said.  (Hydnow) 

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