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Pawan Kalyan Makes Remarks in Bhimavaram

Pawan Kalyan Makes Remarks in BhimavaramPawan Kalyan Makes Remarks in Bhimavaram

Andhra Pradesh: Jana Sena Party Chief Pawan Kalyan made interesting remarks in Bhimavaram. He stated that the party has become stronger after losing the last elections. “If you are ready… We are ready for battle… If anyone tries to stop me anywhere, I won’t just talk… I’ll show through my actions,” he warned.

He criticized Jagan as someone who divides communities, stating that Jagan’s true nature is to pit various communities against each other. However, he mentioned that people remember those who unite, not those who divide.

Pawan Kalyan commented that what one gives to society returns to them, suggesting that Jagan’s culture of toxicity has come back to haunt him. He questioned what someone who doesn’t care for their sister would do for others.


He scoffed at the notion that borrowing and pushing buttons was an achievement, emphasizing the need to rescue the state drowning in debt.

He criticized Jagan for falsely propagating that welfare schemes would be stopped if Jana Sena came to power. Pawan Kalyan clarified that welfare schemes must continue regardless of the government in power and assured that such schemes would persist into the future.

He expressed a desire for politics that do not involve buying votes with money. He confidently stated that the Jana Sena-TDP alliance would come to power and expressed a wish for BJP’s blessings for the alliance.


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