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Perni Nani Made Comments Against Pawan Kalyan

Perni Nani Made Comments Against Pawan KalyanPerni Nani Made Comments Against Pawan Kalyan

Amaravati: Former Minister Perni Nani raised a flag over comments made by Pawan Kalyan at a meeting in Tadepalligudem. He compared Pawan Kalyan to Shalya, who served as Karna’s charioteer in the battle of Kurukshetra.

Perni Nani mocked that while Pawan Kalyan considers himself comparable to Vamana if one were to compare him to anyone from the epics, only the character of Shalya would be fitting. He accused Pawan Kalyan of acting like Shalya, aiming to weaken his party and its leaders.

Perni Nani criticized that, unlike Chandrababu Naidu, who did not praise Pawan Kalyan in a recent meeting, Pawan Kalyan has been overly supportive of Chandrababu Naidu. He dismissed Pawan Kalyan’s comments at the Tadepalligudem meeting as empty words, suggesting that Pawan Kalyan’s only role is to carry Chandrababu Naidu’s palanquin. He also accused Pawan Kalyan of merely reading out a script written by movie people, mimicking movie dialogues in his speech.


Perni Nani sarcastically remarked on Pawan Kalyan’s electoral prospects, questioning why they should be concerned with how many seats he wins, as it does not affect them.

He challenged Pawan Kalyan’s capability to act on his claims against CM Jagan, questioning why Pawan Kalyan has not revealed the supposed tons of information he has on Jagan.

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