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PM Modi remembers general who fought Mughals

Reversal The Comments On Sanatana Dharma To A Severe Degree: PM ModiReversal The Comments On Sanatana Dharma To A Severe Degree: PM Modi

India’s history was distorted deliberately, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Friday as he paid tributes of Lachit Barphukan, the 17th century general of Ahom Kingdom who defeated the Mughals, amid celebrations of his 400th birth anniversary across the country. Lasik was credited for halting the expanding streak of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. As PM Modi remembered his heroism, he stressed: “The people of Assam faced the invaders and defeated them many times. Mughals took over Guwahati, but heroes like Lachit Borphukan freed it from the oppressors.”

“Our ancestors bore the oppressions of terror from outsiders. Heroes like Lachit Barphukan demonstrated that terror won’t be tolerated. India has the ability to give a befitting reply to those who practice atrocities,” he asserted, suggesting that the history of the country – post Independence – did not do justice to heroes like him. “India’s history is the history of warriors, the history of victory, the history of sacrifice, selflessness and bravery. But we were taught history which was a part of colonial agenda. Does the bravery of heroes like him not matter?” the Prime Minister asked, while addressing the event.

“After independence, there was a need to fight the agenda of those ruling over us. But that was not done. Today India has broken the shackles of colonialism and is moving forward, celebrating our heritage and remembering our heroes with pride. Today, India is not only celebrating its varied heritage, but also remembering its braveheart unsung heroes,” he further added. “Assam’s history is a matter of great pride in India’s journey. We believe in uniting the various thoughts, beliefs and cultures of India. India has always valued its rich and cultural heritage; we have always protected our spiritual and cultural principles. That’s what makes us a marvellous civilization.”


On Thursday, Amit Shah – while addressing another event linked to Lachit Barphuka – had also said that no one could stop India from rewriting its history with pride to remove past distortions. “I hear many times that our history has been misrepresented… it has been distorted. There is a possibility that what has been written was right, but who can stop us now from rewriting our history with pride? We will have to amend this and put our history in front of the world with pride,” he said.

“Lachit Barphukan inspired the Assamese soldiers in the Battle of Saraighat fought in 1671, and delivered a crushing and humiliating defeat on the Mughals. The heroic fight of Lachit Barphukan and his army remains one of the most inspiring military feats of resistance in the history of our country,” the statement by the central government – on details on the celebrations – reads.

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