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Police Arrested Interstate Fake Ayurvedic Medicine Racket in Madhuranagar

Police Arrested Interstate Fake Ayurvedic Medicine Racket in MadhuranagarPolice Arrested Interstate Fake Ayurvedic Medicine Racket in Madhuranagar

Hyderabad, April 17 (Hydnow): The Police have arrested Interstate Fake Ayurvedic Medicine offenders gangs in the limits of P.S. Madhuranagar.

The main offense of the offenders is that they established three to four Ayurvedic Medical stores at one time in different places around Hyderabad city and they formed Spl. Teams and trained them and they went to selected various crowded places in the city like Hospitals, malls, massage centers, other crowded places and identify the sick patients with Cancer, Paralysis, skin diseases, Kidney failure, Alzheimer’s, Neuro disease, Knee pain, Back pain, Hair fall, Hearing Problem, orthotic, white spots, weakness, and other diseases.

They explain to the victims that “Their disease is curable with Ayurvedic medicine, as their relatives are having the same problem and cured with the Ayurvedic medicine”. Further, make them believe and collect patient phone numbers.


Thereafter, patient phone numbers are passed to their gang members who have already established Ayurvedic Medical stores.

Then they contact the patients or their attendants through the phone explain Ayurvedic medicine and promise to cure their problem.

Then they will personally visit the house of the patients and prepare some solutions by mixing coconut oil, mustard oil, camphor, Ilyachi, Turmeric, etc., and also inform them about mixing some Basmas which are available only at their Ayurvedic stores, and take them to the stores and Charges huge amount from them for 1 gram of Basmas costs is from Rs. 200 to Rs: 3,00,000/- and even more.


Madhuranagar Police had apprehended two gangs, one from Karnataka and the other from Nagpur. There are some more gangs, which are committing similar cheating in the guise of fake Ayurvedic medicine in the twin cities.

So far three accused persons have been arrested, one from the Karnataka gang and two from the Nagpur gang. Police recovered fake Ayurvedic medicine.

The accused persons were produced before XIV ACMM Nampally and were in judicial remand. They confessed to 14 cases of their involvement. Efforts are going on to apprehend the remaining absconding accused.


As such, on behalf of West Zone Police, it is appealed to the General Public not to become victims of Fake Ayurvedic medicine gangs. (Hydnow)

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