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Police Investigation in Phone Tapping Case Speeds Up

Police Investigation in Phone Tapping Case Speeds UpPolice Investigation in Phone Tapping Case Speeds Up

Hyderabad, April 8 (Hydnow): The investigation by the police in the phone tapping case has been speeded up. Telangana police found that phone tapping centers have been set up at two places in Nalgonda and Hyderabad. It is reported that tapping centers have been set up at Parbati Giri, Sirsilla, and Khammam near Warangal.

Police found that a total of 7 phone tapping centers have been set up so far. Monitoring centers of Nalgonda, Rangareddy and Mahabubnagar districts have been set up in Nalgonda VT Colony. Also for Khammam district a tapping center has been set up at Nelakondapally mango grove guest house.

A tapping center has been set up in Jubilee Hills along with the Hyderabad SIB office. The police found that tapping centers were also set up in Warangal and Sirsilla.


The investigation revealed that settlements and threats were made to block the taping from the constable to the DCP level. It was revealed that the phone tapping was done under the control of the leaders. Four constables are in police custody in connection with this case.

Also, it seems that there is a possibility of giving notices to many leaders and investigating them.

On the other hand, it is not like tracking the movements of the opposition leaders. The investigation of the officials revealed that the police also harassed the women with this phone tapping.


In this order, two constables from Nalgonda district were arrested. Not one or not two sexually harassed 40 women simultaneously through phone tapping.

A constable’s involvement in the taping came to light with the investigation by the authorities. The constables also targeted the personal lives of some by collecting their data. War rooms have been set up on Hyderabad Road in Nalgonda.

A constable made huge collections from millers, smugglers, and poker operators. A police officer was making settlements hand in hand with the rowdy sheeters.


Phones of opposition leaders were tapped during the previous by-election as well. After that, it was revealed in the police investigation that the MLA also came to know about the purchase case through this phone tapping.

The entire matter was managed by Stephen Ravindra, a senior police officer, knew about MLA’s purchases beforehand. Task Force Officer Radhakishan Rao is unraveling the mystery related to the phone-tapping case.

He said in the inquiry that he did as the superior officer told him. In this case, the neck is tightening around the leaders of the ruling party. (Hydnow)


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