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Prescription Without Patient: Narcotic Injections Without Permits 

Prescription Without Patient: Narcotic Injections Without Permits Prescription Without Patient: Narcotic Injections Without Permits 

Hyderabad, Jan 21 (Hydnow): It came to light on Saturday that prescription for dangerous and highly narcotic drugs were being written without the presence of patients at Sameer Hospital in Asifnagar.  

It is known that Telangana Narcotics Bureau, Rajendranagar SOT, Rajendranagar police raided the house of Anesthetist Dr. Ashan Mustafa Khan in Asifnagar two days ago.  The narcotics police, who intensified the investigation of the case, along with the officials of the Drug Control Administration, conducted raids on Sameer Hospital, where Dr. Ashan Mustafa Khan was working on Saturday.  

The police found the medicine slips with old dates 22-12-2023, containing the prescription written by Dr. Sheikh Salim, a surgical oncologist.  Officials found that 100 fentanyl injections were written in the doctor’s prescription to be used for respiratory, HIV, TBI, bone fracture, hernia, hysterectomy and other victims.  It was written in the register that 17 injections were used by the hospital management.  But it is noteworthy that the details of the patients are not available.  On January 6 this year, the police found that the wife of anesthetist Dr. Ashan Mustafa Khan had received another 100 injections.  While 43 were already sold,  57 injections were seized by the police.  The anesthetic injections cost only Rs. 57.  However, police investigation revealed that they were selling them to drug users at the rate of Rs. 5,000 each. 


In order to use fentanyl citrate injections to patients in a hospital, the hospital must have NDPS License-2 permits.  However, Narcotic and Drug Control Officials have found that they are using narcotic injections without any permits.  These are found to be supplied by Medicare Pharma.  Pharma distributors should have NTPS License-1 permissions.  But, authorities concluded that the narcotic injections were being illegally supplied to Medicare Pharma without such permits.  

Sameer Hospital Chairman Soyab Subhani, Director Mohammad Abdul Mujeeb, Pharmacist Syed Naziruddin, Sales Executive Mohammad Zafar and Medicare Pharma distributor Gopu Srinivas were detained by the police who were using these illegally.  (Hydnow)

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