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President Murmu Encourages IAS Officers to Make India Inclusive

President Murmu Encourages IAS Officers to Make India InclusivePresident Murmu Encourages IAS Officers to Make India Inclusive

New Delhi: A group of 182 IAS officers from the 2021 batch, currently serving as Assistant Secretaries in various Union Ministries and Departments, had the privilege of meeting President Droupadi Murmu at Rashtrapati Bhavan Cultural Centre today.

Addressing these young officers, President Murmu emphasized the unique nature of their service, describing it as a mission rather than a typical career, the press release by the President’s Secretariat read.

She underscored their vital role in propelling India and its people forward within the framework of good governance.


President Murmu conveyed that their destiny is intrinsically linked to serving the nation and its people.

Their collective destination, she said, is to transform India into an inclusive and developed nation. These officers have the opportunity to empower their fellow young citizens across various fields and contribute to building a developed India by 2047.

President Murmu said This Amrit Kaal is rightly being described as Kartavya Kaal for every Indian. This period also covers the larger time slice of our remaining window of demographic opportunity. You can make a huge contribution by enabling your fellow young citizens to realize their potential in different fields. You have the great opportunity to contribute to building the developed India of 2047.


President Murmu noted that a compassionate civil servant, whose heart resonates with the poor and underprivileged, distinguishes themselves as a true civil servant rather than just a career bureaucrat, read the press release.

She encouraged them to champion the cause of marginalized sections of society, making it a fundamental part of their service.

Understanding the connection between “file to field” and “field to file” with a people-centric perspective, she believed, would enable them to engage with files more meaningfully.


The President acknowledged the remarkable strides made in women’s empowerment, with an increasing number of women assuming prominent roles in various aspects of growth and development.

She celebrated the passing of the historic ‘Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam’ by both houses of Parliament and the growing number of women IAS officers, including 42 percent in the 2023 batch.

I am very happy that the historic Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam has been passed by both houses of Parliament. Women are breaking stereotypes and glass ceilings, said President Murmu.


Out of the top 25 ranks, 14 were secured by women, indicating positive shifts in gender equality and inclusivity.

Regarding their training, President Murmu praised the well-conceived training modules and their Bharat Darshan experiences, emphasizing the importance of deepening their awareness through continuous learning.

She reminded them that, as Assistant Secretaries, they would interact more with files than people but encouraged them always to consider the individuals impacted by the files. By doing so, they could significantly enhance their engagement with files.


President Murmu concluded by quoting Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s vision for public servants and their role in building the developed India of 2047.

President Murmu said that what Sardar Patel communicated to that group of probationers in 1947 remains relevant for all of you. I will quote from the great speech of Sardar Patel for your benefit. Sardar Patel had said and I quote, You should regard it as a proud privilege to uphold throughout your service its dignity, integrity, and in-corruptibility. It is not for you to approach your task entirely from self-interest your foremost consideration should be how best to contribute to the well-being of India as a whole If you serve in the true spirit of service, I am sure, you will have your best reward.

She emphasized upholding the dignity, integrity, and incorruptibility of their service, with the primary focus on the well-being of India as a whole.

By following these principles, she expressed confidence that they would achieve success and glory in their service to the nation.

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