Rajinikanth Hospitalized, To Be Discharged Tomorrow

Hyderabad, Dec.25 (Hydnow): South Indian Super Star Rajnikanth has been hospitalized today in the city after his blood pressure levels went up and showed severe fluctuations. He was taken city based Apollo hospitals for further evaluation.

In a statement, the hospital authorities have said that the super star was doing well and would be discharged tomorrow. The authorities have urged his fans and family members to not worry about his health condition. They also said that the Rajni was being closely monitored by a specialist doctor in an international suite of the hospitals.!

Rajni has been shooting for a film in the city since the last ten days. However, he underwent self quarantine after some of the technicians working on the sets of his movie tested positive to the Covid -19 virus. He underwent the Covid-19 test on December 22 of this month and tested negative to the virus. He later opted for self isolation but had to be taken to the hospital due to the fluctuation levels in his BP. (Hydnow)

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