Repeal Dangerous Power Bill: KCR Tells Centre

Hyderabad, Sept.15 (Hydnow): Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao said centre has to withdraw its new Electricity Amendment bill immediately which is dangerous and dictatorial. During a short debate in the Legislative Assembly on power bill the leader of the house termed it against federal spirit and deprives the states of their powers.

The Assembly passed a resolution unanimously seeking the centre to cancel the power bill and protect state interests. He made an earnest appeal to the BJP Government at the centre to repeal the Power Bill.

KCR asked BJP MPs, leaders including union deputy home minister G Kishan Reddy to exert pressure on the Centre to annul the power bill. All the people have to oppose it and the state government is against such bill which may force farmers to have meters. This bill will incur huge loss to the states and like an axe to the farmers in Telangana who get free power 24 hours.

The Chief Minister expressed serious discontent at the draconian power bill that will dictate terms to the states. It will deny us of powers to regulate, control, monitor, produce power, distribute and supply, and fix meters at farm lands, he informed. This bill, he said, will deprive states of their rights as the centre will seize all the powers. The Chief minister further explained that the dictatorial power bill will ask the states to set up meters at the farms which is against our wishes of welfare. The centre has to repeal it and ensure that the states continue to enjoy the existing powers in the energy sector.

The centre cannot deprive us of our powers as it is ought to continue federal spirit across the country, he said. Despite 70000 tmc waters available in India, Chennai is deprived of drinking waters, while half of waters going waste or not being used properly. Successive governments at the centre failed to have any plans to tap these waters he charged.

If we use 40,000 tmc for irrigation, 10000 tmc for drinking, 20,000 tmc more will remain in the country, he said. Keeping this in view the Centre has to cancel the power bill he asked. The centre has to avoid causing problems to states like power production, distribution, supply, control and use. The centre takes all these powers from us and we have to run to Delhi for related issues. He assured of taking steps to correct issues of three months power bills, disparities during lockdown and set it. (Hydnow)

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