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Sameer Waliullah Calls on People to Vote Thoughtfully in Lok Sabha Elections 2024

Sameer Waliullah Calls on People to Vote Thoughtfully in Lok Sabha Elections 2024Sameer Waliullah Calls on People to Vote Thoughtfully in Lok Sabha Elections 2024

Hyderabad, April 27: Hyderabad DCC President Mohammed Sameer Waliullah called on the people of Hyderabad to vote thoughtfully in the upcoming general elections.

He emphasized that the city’s long-standing neglect had resulted in numerous unresolved issues that required representation by a committed candidate.

During a press conference at the Hyderabad Congress Central Election Office at Chaderghat on Saturday, Sameer outlined the major problems affecting Hyderabad, including unemployment, education, lack of civic amenities, discrimination against residents of the Old City, high crime rates, housing shortages, public health issues, police harassment, and rising debts and interest rates. He urged the electorate to consider these pressing matters when casting their votes and not to be swayed by emotional or communal influences.


Sameer pointed out that he had deep roots in the Old City of Hyderabad and understood the struggles faced by its residents. Having worked in the Hyderabad constituency since 2018, first as Congress Minorities Department Chairman and later as Hyderabad DCC President, he believed he was well-positioned to address the city’s challenges.

Sameer highlighted that 11% of children aged 5-15 were not in school, and 12-15% of school dropouts ended up in child labor. He noted that only 14% of families trusted government schools, and 70-80% of parents struggled to pay private school fees. Furthermore, the dropout rate among 18-20-year-olds was alarmingly high at 61%, signaling a need for substantial reforms.

Prioritize Civic Issues Over Communal Politics in Hyderabad: Sameer WaliullahPrioritize Civic Issues Over Communal Politics in Hyderabad: Sameer Waliullah

Unemployment rates were also concerning, with the general unemployment rate at 21% and soaring to 45% for those aged 20-24. He mentioned that the Old City had been labeled a “Red Zone,” making it challenging for residents to obtain business loans from banks.


Regarding housing, 60% of Hyderabad’s residents lived in urban slums, and 74% of the community lived in rented homes. Health issues were rampant in the Old City, with major concerns like diabetes, hypertension, and cancer. Private healthcare costs were leading many families into debt, with 72% of residents relying on private hospitals. The high-interest rates on loans compounded the problem, ranging from 10% to 21%.

Many residents also lacked white ration cards, and 37% of households relied on women as primary earners. The high number of widows, divorced, and abandoned women underscored the need for social support programs.

Sameer also pointed out that nearly 65% of families in the Old City of Hyderabad were in debt, often due to high-interest loans for essentials like food and medicine. “Private money lenders charge high-interest rates, ranging from 10% to 21%, trapping families in a cycle of debt, often paying just the interest for long periods,” he said.


“This is the reality of Asli Hyderabad. Therefore, should we discuss these problems and find solutions? Or should we indulge in the Hindu-Muslim debate? Muslims, Hindus, and all other communities living in the Hyderabad constituency are facing these problems. The general election is the best time to raise and discuss these public issues. We should put an end to communal politics where voters are emotionally blackmailed for voting,” Sameer said.

He encouraged the people of Hyderabad to move away from communal politics and focus on solutions to these public issues. Sameer asserted that the Congress government could address these problems. He said the current Congress government was providing gas cylinders for Rs 500, free electricity up to 200 units, free treatment up to Rs 10 lakh, free travel in RTC buses for women, and free land and Rs 5 lakh for house construction to poor families.

He stated that if Congress formed the government at the Centre, they would introduce a national minimum wage of Rs 400 per day, cashless insurance of Rs 25 lakh, and waivers for student educational loans, among other benefits. These proposals, he claimed, could significantly improve the lives of Hyderabad’s residents.


Sameer asked the voters to allow him to serve, promising not to disappoint them. He urged all communities in Hyderabad to come together to tackle these issues and make informed choices in the upcoming elections.

Earlier in the day, Sameer Waliullah, along with Mahila Congress President Sunitha Rao, Charminar Incharge Mujeebullah Shareef, and other leaders, conducted a door-to-door padayatra in the Hyderabad constituency. He interacted with the electorates in Dabeerpura Darwaza, Komatiwadi, Takht Mahal, Noor Khan Bazar, Balsetti Khet, Purani Haveli, Zehra Nagar, and Darulshifa. (Hydnow)

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