YS Sharmila Made Sensational Comments Against CM KCR

Sharmila Mocks CM KCR’S Cloudburst Conspiracy

Hyderabad, July 18 (Hydnow): Founder-president of YSRTP YS Sharmila today mocked the comments of Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao about cloudburst conspiracy in the State. “The suppression of Andhra people is over and the conspiracies of Opposition parties are also over. The revolt by traitors is also over and the gimmicks of national parties are also over.

Sharmila said “It is time for the international conspiracies now. Our Chief Minister faced so many problems due to the recent floods,” Sharmila said in her tweet. While addressing a review meeting held at Bhadrachalam after inspecting the flood-affected areas in the district, the Chief Minister spoke about the cloudburst theory. He said several people were saying that there was a conspiracy behind the cloudburst method and added that he was not aware of the truthfulness of the comments made by the people. KCR also said that the people of other countries were carrying out the cloudburst technology in the country and added that they did it in areas like Ladakh and Uttarakhand. (Hydnow)

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