‘She Devoured Khilji’: Ranveer Singh About Deepika

While the country is in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, lots of people, especially celebrities, have suddenly stumbled upon an unexpected amount of free time on their hands. And they’re making the most of it by chilling with their significant others, cooking, reading, exercising, cleaning, and so much more.

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone have been having a gala time together as well. Dippy has been sharing her day-to-day routine on Instagram, keeping her fans updated about what she’s up to in quarantine.

Recently, Ranveer Singh shared a photo of his beloved wife on Instagram, devouring a jar of Nutella that bears the name ‘Khilji’ on the front. Ranveer wrote, “In the dead of the night, she devoured Khilji! Revenge is sweet indeed! #sneakysneaky #caughtintheact @deepikapadukone”

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