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Silver Ashoka Chakra Badres Crafted For G20 Summit

Silver Ashoka Chakra Badres Crafted For G20 SummitSilver Ashoka Chakra Badres Crafted For G20 Summit

Karimnagar/Hyderabad, Sept 8 (Hydnow): Karimnagar’s renowned Silver filigree, known for its exquisite artistry, has carved itself a niche again as over 200 delegates of the upcoming G20 summit will be presented silver badges in the shape of the Indian symbol “Ashoka chakra’.  The G20 summit is to be held on Saturday and Sunday in New Delhi.  

The silver Filigree of Karimnagar Handicrafts Welfare Society secured this manufacturing order through the Telangana State Handicrafts Development Corporation four months ago.  These distinctive badges will adorn the coats of delegates representing 20 countries at the summit. 

In a significant development, the society was also allowed to set up a stall at the summit.  This platform will showcase some premium creations in Silver filigree, adding to the array of well-known Indian crafts on display.  Delegates attending the summit will have the chance to visit these stalls. 


silver filigree of Karimnagar earned Geographical Indication (G1) status in 2007 and previously set up a stall in Hyderabad during the visit of Ivanka Trump, the daughter of former American President Donald Trump.  said SFK Karimnagar Handicrafts Welfare Society general secretary Gadde Ashok Kumar said he was delighted at the opportunity to craft silver badges for the delegates.   

This achievement by the society not only highlights the exceptional craftsmanship in the form of Silver filigree but also showcases Indian artistry on an International stage. (Hydnow) 

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