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Six Members Of One Family Murdered By Friend For House 

Apprehended Accused In Attempt To Murder Case: Recovered Knife.Apprehended Accused In Attempt To Murder Case: Recovered Knife.

Nizamabad/Hyderabad, Dec 18 (Hydnow): A sensational incident took place in the district.  six members of the same family were murdered. a friend committed such an atrocity for the sake of the house.  

Prashanth brutally killed six members of his friend Prasad’s family.  Accused Prashanth, who hails from Maclure, committed serial murders over a week. a series of murders in the district caused a lot of confusion. The police registered a case against these murders and arrested the accused Prashant.  The investigation is currently ongoing. 

According to the Sada Shiva Nagar police, Prasad’s family Maclure had earlier left the village and settled in Machareddy.  he has a wife two children, and two younger sisters.  Prasad’s friend Prashant came across Prasad’s house in Maclure.  He got the house registered in his name on the pretense of giving a loan.  Prasad pressured Prashant to register the house back in his name when the loan was not forthcoming.


Prashanth, who wanted to own the house anyway, took Prasad out according to the plan and killed him in the forest area of the Nizamabad-Kamareddy National Highway.  the next day Prasad goes home and takes her out, believing that the police have arrested your husband.  he also killed her and threw her in the Basara river.  After that, he murdered Prasad’s elder sister. two children were near Bridge.  Prasad’s younger sister was reportedly killed near Machareddy. (Hydnow) 

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