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State BJP Chief Refers Hussain Sagar as “Vinayak Sagar”

Criticized KCR For Cheating The Farmers Of South Telangana: BandiCriticized KCR For Cheating The Farmers Of South Telangana: Bandi

Hyderabad: State BJP President Bandi Sanjay Kumar referred to the famous ‘Hussain Sagar’ as ‘Vinayaka Sagar’ while lashing out at the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS)- led Telangana government for its alleged non-arrangement for the Ganesh festival.

While speaking to the media, the BJP Chief said that immersion will take place in “Vinayak Sagar”, referring to the ‘Hussain Sagar’. He also alleged the Telangana government of failing completely at the arrangements for the Ganesha Navratri celebration.

“It’s the same thing every year. The government started the arrangements only after the Bhagya Nagar Ganesh Utsav Samiti came protesting on the roads. While the Hindus are struggling, the celebrations are going on in the AIMIM headquarters in Darussalam. That’s the condition of the TRS party,” Kumar said.


“In two days, large immersions are going to be made, and even the minimum arrangement hasn’t been made. Only some cranes were installed in the morning, which is not yet working. Last time, around 60 cranes were installed. Hindus have to think about this condition,” Kumar said.

The BJP Chief also accused the TRS government of targeting the Hindu community and belittling the Hindu festivals.

“The municipal minister is an atheist. While his father believes in God, he does not. After the meeting with Bhagyanagar Ganesh Utsav Samiti, unnecessary rules and regulations were placed. Just for putting a Ganesh idol, we need sound permission, height permission, and revenue permission. Are Hindus not paying taxes?” Kumar asked the Telangana government.


All Hindus should come to the Vinayak immersion program, which is being held at the “Vinayak Sagar”. The government is trying to belittle the Hindu community. How can your son make the arrangements, if he is an Atheist? This is a government’s planned conspiracy for the past 4 or 5 years to lessen the value of the festival. We will do the immersion in the “Vinayak Sagar”,” said Kumar while attacking the TRS government.

Earlier on Monday, Bandi Sanjay warned the KCR government against creating hurdles in the Ganesh Nimajjanam in Tank Bund in Hyderabad on the pretext of Supreme Court orders.

Speaking to media persons, Sanjay said it was “unfortunate” that the Telangana Rashtra Samithi government had been creating a “tense atmosphere” every year during the immersion of Ganesh idols.


“We won’t tolerate if the government doesn’t cooperate with the devotees in immersing the Ganesh idols as per their convenience. We shall take up the fight for Nimajjanam to Pragati Bhavan.

The Hindu community is not afraid of KCR, who is trying to create a law and order situation to garner votes of one particular community,” he said, adding that the devotees would go ahead with the immersion in Hussain Sagar, come what may.

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