• Sat. May 25th, 2024
Teachers Protests Camp Office of CM KCRTeachers Protests Camp Office of CM KCR

Hyderabad, Jan.17 (Hydnow): Teachers today held protests at Pragathi Bhavan, the camp office of Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao here at Begumpet.

Some of the Gazetted teachers and headmasters and others seeking options of transfers, zones and spouses are fighting with the government. They got transfers to other locations against their wishes for multi zones, zones and spouse options. While GAD officials said that they offered transfers as per government norms and instructions, the teachers opposed them.

They repeatedly urged the officials and failed to get a proper response. Finally they took to protests seeking to change them as sought with options. Some of the teachers called on Education Minister Sabitha Indra Reddy and sought justice. They informed the minister about inconvenience caused through transfers to other locations than urged.


The police prevented them from holding protests and took them into custody. The police officials made tight security arrangements as teachers and the college lecturers are expected to storm the Pragathi Bhavan on their demands. The Government has issued a GO 317 which invited wrath from the opposition parties and the teachers as well.

The Teachers are on war mode and demanding the government to amend the GO or cancel it. Also the congress and the BJP parties are demanding the government to stop harassing the teachers through the transfers with spouse options.

While many teachers sought spouse, zones, multi zones options they could not get the same and got transfers to other locations. About 40 Head Masters and some teachers in Sanga Reddy district alone got transfers against their options. There are many such teachers who are seeking options as they got different transfers. (Hydnow)


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