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Telangana Congress Wants To Give A Gift To Sonia Gandhi?

Telangana Congress Wants To Give A Gift To Sonia Gandhi?Telangana Congress Wants To Give A Gift To Sonia Gandhi?

Hyderabad, Jan 30 (Hydnow):  The Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee wants to give a gift to Sonia Gandhi who was responsible for the creation of Telangana state.  

the state party is seriously considering sending Sonia Gandhi to Rajya Sabha from Telangana.  The party on its own can win two seats but with the possibility of cross-voting, it wants to bag the third seat as well.  The party can nominate two of its candidates from Telangana and for the third seat, they can nominate someone else from outside the state.  If the TPCC does that the opposition parties including BJP and BRS would allege that Congress was an anti-Telangana party.

Hence, the TPCC wants to field Sonia Gandhi for the third seat in case she agrees and if she decides not to contest for Lok Sabha.  No opposition party would be able to criticize the Congress party since Sonia Gandhi took the crucial decision to bifurcate Andhra Pradesh and create a separate Telangana State. 


The party leadership feels that Sonia Gandhi given her age and health condition may not contest Lok Sabha elections this time and hence the best gift to her would be to send her to Rajya Sabha.  The state leadership is said to be in consultation with the party high command regarding this issue. (Hydnow) 

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