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Telangana Elections: Mujeebullah Sharif Congress Candidate from The Charminar

Telangana Elections: Mujeebullah Sharif Congress Candidate from The CharminarTelangana Elections: Mujeebullah Sharif Congress Candidate from The Charminar

Hyderabad, Nov 10 (Hydnow): In a significant development, the final list of Congress candidates for the upcoming Telangana elections was officially released, featuring a notable change in the Patancheru constituency.

The announcement, made late Thursday night, introduced five candidates who will represent the Congress party in various assembly constituencies.

Among the prominent names revealed in the final lineup is Muhammad Mujeebullah Sharif, who will be the Congress candidate from the Charminar Assembly Constituency. Other contenders include B. Lakshmreddy for Miryalguwda, Ramreddy Damodar Reddy from Suryapet, and Samulu from Thungathurthy Assembly Constituency. An unexpected alteration in the Patan Cheru constituency saw Srinivas Goud replace the previously nominated Neelam Madhu Madiraj.


This last-minute adjustment has raised eyebrows, particularly given the earlier ticket allocation for the Patancheru constituency.

The finalization of Srinivas Goud as the Congress candidate for Patancheru brings an element of intrigue to the electoral landscape, emphasizing the party’s strategic considerations in the lead-up to the polls.

As the political climate intensifies in the run-up to the elections, voters and political observers will be closely watching the unfolding dynamics within the Congress party and the broader implications of these candidate selections on the electoral landscape in Telangana. (Hydnow) 


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