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Telangana People Angry With Congress: K. Laxman

Telangana People Angry With Congress: K. LaxmanTelangana People Angry With Congress: K. Laxman

Hyderabad, April 16 (Hydnow): BJP Rajya Sabha MP Dr. K.Laxman said that the people of Telangana are angry with Congress, he said that the Congress government has not given bonuses on paddy crop to the farmers and is passing the time by saying that it will give from the next season.

Speaking to press persons at the party office in Nampally, today, he commented that this is the government of installments.

In the Rythu Swarajya Vedika, congress Kisan Cell of the party is saying that 60 farmers have committed suicide, on the other hand, the minister Uttam Kumar Reddy saying that there are no suicides.


Chief Minister Revanth Reddy should answer why farmers should vote for Congress in the Lok Sabha election. Like BRS, the Congress government is passing time by juggling words. Congress party means raw lies, fraud, and conspiracies.

The people of Telangana are not ready to be deceived. People will show their wisdom in the Lok Sabha elections if they try to implement the guarantees in the name of the election code.

Why should the farmers vote to Congress because the loan of Rs. 2 lakh was not waived off in 100 days? Is it because the farmer did not give Rs. 15 thousand? Because Rs. 12 thousand was not deposited in the account of the farm laborers, why not give Rs. 2500 to each woman?


Has any accused been punished involved in scams such as Kaleswaram, Medigadda, Dharnai, drug mafia, electricity purchase, phone tapping corruption, etc?

Have any steps been taken to punish any of these? Revanth Reddy knows who was the corrupt leader of BRS in the past, so why are joining the Congress party?

During the Assembly elections, the Congress party created a myth that BRS and BJP are the same.


The BRS is completely gone out, now Revanth Reddy is trying to wake it up by jacking it up, said Laxman. (Hydnow)

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