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Telangana Stunned: Congress Pulls Ahead, BRS Strongholds Crumble!

Revanth Big Shock To BRS: Sent Revenue Notice To Telangana BhavanRevanth Big Shock To BRS: Sent Revenue Notice To Telangana Bhavan

Hyderabad, Dec 3 (Hydnow): Shockwaves ripple across Telangana as the second round of vote counting delivers a seismic shift. Congress, once the underdog, now roars ahead, securing a commanding lead in all districts except Hyderabad and Medak. The grand old party’s resurgence has left the BRS reeling, its once-impregnable strongholds crumbling under the saffron tide.

Congress Dominates the Landscape:

Nalgonda: Congress has stormed into 12 seats, leaving BRS bewildered in its own backyard.
Nizamabad: Seven seats have fallen to Congress, showcasing its rural penetration.
Khammam: CPI claims one seat, breaking BRS’s monopoly.
Ranga Reddy: BRS clings to a precarious lead in seven seats, but Congress shadows closely with four.


Early Trends Paint a Grim Picture for BRS:

62 leads for Congress: The sheer number speaks volumes. BRS, once unassailable, now flounders with a mere 37 leads.
BJP Steps Up: The saffron party capitalizes on the chaos, with 8 leads adding spice to the already explosive mix.

The Battleground Shifts Dramatically:


57 Congress leads: As the dust settles, Congress stands tall, its flag flying high in an unprecedented 57 constituencies.

BRS in Peril: With 37 leads and strongholds breached, the BRS stares at a potential defeat, its Hat Trick 3.0 dreams turning into a nightmare.

BJP Makes a Mark: Though not dominating, the BJP’s 8 leads prove its growing influence in the southern stronghold.
Telangana on Edge:


The electoral landscape of Telangana is unrecognizable. Gone is the BRS’s swagger, replaced by Congress’s thunderous march. The BJP, a wild card, lurks in the shadows, waiting for its moment. This is no longer a three-horse race; it’s a cliffhanger, a David-and-Goliath saga unfolding in real time.

Will Congress pull off an unthinkable victory? Can BRS reclaim its lost ground? Will the BJP emerge as the kingmaker? Stay tuned as the drama unfolds, as Telangana elects its destiny, one counted vote at a time. (Hydnow

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