Top US Varsity Praises TS Govt, TITA’s AI Work

Hyderabad, Sept.17 (Hydnow): Telangana Information Technology Association (TITA) Digithon’s efforts in honing the technical skills of the State’s youth have once again received appreciation. The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD), which is one of the top 50 US varsities, has appreciated the work TITA has done in the field of Artificial Intelligence training to youth and common citizens in Telangana. UTD in a letter to Telangana govt IT and Industry Principal Secretary Jayesh Ranjan, praised TITA Global President Sundeep Kumar Makthala and his team for their efforts in promoting skills in the field of AI.

TITA, in association with UTD, has recently launched a program to impart coding skills to enthusiasts to explore the domain of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. As part of this program, training will be provided to learners ( having no prior technical knowledge) in areas like Scratch, Python programming languages. At the end of the training session, participants will be able to acquire sound knowledge in the field enough to develop games, quiz among other skills. They will also gain knowledge in areas like facial recognition, chatbot. Those undertaking the program jointly offered by TITA and UTD will also get an internship. Internships will be provided in various TITA initiatives like T-Culture, T-consult.

As many as three batches of learners have already completed the coding skill program under the initiative.

The University of Texas at Dallas has studied the training module of students who were part of the three batches who were trained in the AI and other related areas. UTD Director Jey Veerasamy wrote to IT Principal Secretary Jayesh Ranjan appreciating the efforts of the Government of Telangana like announcing 2020 as the year of AI and also TITA for its efforts in imparting coding skills to youngsters, in particular, to make them ready for future challenges. UTD also praised TITA chief Sundeep Kumar Makthala and his team for successfully conducting coding skills for students and youngsters.

Speaking on the occasion, Sundeep Kumar Makthala thanked UTD for recognizing TITA’s efforts in honing coding skills and other domains of Artificial Intelligence. He also said that the Telangana government has declared the year 2020 as the year of AI and hence TITA has set the task of preparing 1 lakh coders to meet future challenges and opportunities in the AI domain. Makthala appealed learners to register themselves at to take part in the training session. (Hydnow)

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