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TPCC Chief Asks Party Cadres To Help Flood Hit Victims

Hyderabad, Oct.14 (Hydnow): TPCC Chief N. Uttam Kumar Reddy Today gave a call to all the party workers and the leaders to extend their help to all flood hit victims of the state. He asked them to visit the flood affected areas and take up rescue operations. He expressed his condolences to those who have lost their lives due to the floods and conveyed his deep sympathies to their family members.

He demanded the state government to extend its support and exgratia to the family members of those who have lost their lives. He said that the state government should take the help of all sections of the society and help those who are in problems. He also demanded the state government to help the farmers, who have lost everything in the floods. In a statement he said that the state wouldn’t have incurred so much losses due to the heavy rains had the state government taken steps to prevent the human and economic loss by warning the people in advance.


He said that the state government had grossly failed in preventing the floods. He asked the ruling party leaders, who claimed to have developed the city in an allround by spending Rs.67,000 crore, would state about the present situation . (Hydnow)

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