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Vijayawada: RTC Driver Attacked By Woman

Vijayawada: RTC Driver Attacked By WomanVijayawada: RTC Driver Attacked By Woman

Vijayawada: In a shocking incident, a woman attacked and abused an RTC bus driver after alleging that the bus dashed her vehicle which is coming in opposite direction.

The incident took place near Andhra Hospital on route no five in Vijayawada. According to the reports, the woman identified as Nandini, a 28-year-old resident of Taraka Rama Nagar, Krishna Lanka. She stopped the RTC bus and attacked the driver by dragging him by his shirt and abusing him.

The passengers and conductor tried to prevent her but she continued attacking the driver even after police arrival. Later, the police took her to Suryarao Peta police station and a complaint has registered against her. RTC employees asking to take a strict action against her.


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