Vote TRS galli party, reject BJP Delhi party : KTR

Hyderabad, Nov.29 (Hydnow): Municipal Minister KT Rama Rao today hit out at the BJP government in the Centre for religious politics in the GHMC polls.

On the last day of campaign at Jummerat Bazar in Goshamahal area and in Secunderabad segments, KTR asked the people vote for Galli party TRS and reject Delhi party BJP for spreading hatred among Hindus and Muslims.
Now the KCR government has replaced inverters with investments which speaks volumes of growth.

The minister with Deputy speaker Padma Rao Goud and other leaders asked the people to vote for the BJP if they really got Rs 15000 each out of Rs 20 lakh crore stimulus package for Covid loss. If not vote the TRS candidates for more development and continuous growth he asked.

We are focussed on local development with water supply and power to all sectors KTR said. Modi tries, to sell PSUs, and started becho India scheme he ridiculed. Let us socho India and protect the companies.
If voted to BJP they will sell GHMC also and destroy with religion and hatred he warned. Please vote and help TRS a local party win the polls to give secular rule he said.

He said that Keshavapur reservoir with double capacity of Gandipet will completed for quenching thirst of the city people.

KCR has offered free water 20000 liters free to city people, besides KCR kits for pregnant women. Heisted our welfare schemes lime Kalyan Lakshmi, Shadi Mubarak, 1000 Gurukul schools, Rs 20 lakhs foreign studies and education, TSiPASS got Rs 2 lakh cr investments for six years. From. Child birth to education and job KCR government giving everything he claimed. The centre failed to offer help to our flood victims and now seeking votes he said.

We got metro rail, flyovers, roads under passes are being offered to public for better transportation, facilities and infrastructure. KCR government offered Rs 10000 to flood victims and we are with them while no BJP. Leaders, from the centre came to rescue.

As KCR government said Rs 10000 to be given for poor victims after poll code from December 7 he said. For this Rs 400 crore more will be spent.
What the BJP done, and Union Deputy Home Minister Kishan Reddy for city was nothing for the city and the state.

We buy goods and paid are 2.72 lakh cr and, we got only Rs 1.40 lakh cr. Home minister Amith Shah today came here and failed to make promise. Many central ministers came in groups and KCR come as a Lion.
UP CM Yogi Aadityanath spoke against us wherein he failed to punish Hatras incident criminals. Ours government has guts to punish Disha case criminals he cuted reportedly.

The centre denied funds for flood victims and cancelled ITIR which is a deliberate attempt as Shah said to develop as an IT hub. The minister took serious exception to the BJP and the Congress rhetoric for the polls.
There were apprehensions when we came to power within six months power crisis and water problems were addressed. The TRS has addressed various issues of power, water, welfare and others and on growth trajectory he said. The BJP and the Congress are coming in the way of development he charged.

The KCR government is stable and ensures protection, security to people of all states, and multiple business to flourish. He slammed MIM leader for comments to demolish PV, NTR Ghats, BJP of surgical strike which is wrong. People should think and deny these two mad leaders and support KCR government he added. He found fault with Shah for feudal Nizam rule jibeon KCR government. Here all people live in brotherhood and amity. They denied funds and Shah put flowers in our ears he added.
However within no time the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has tide over all the issues by addressing them in a systematic manner he clarified. (Hydnow)

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