We Are Ready To Hold Debate On Farm Laws: Arvind

Hyderabad, Dec.8 (Hydnow): BJP MP D. Aravind today said that they were ready to hold a debate On the agriculture laws enacted by their party led central government. He alleged that the chief minister KCR was supporting all anti-farmer agitation in Telangana. Citing that the turmeric used to get Rs.55 per kg, he claimed that the price of the turmeric had gone up due to the efforts made by him after becoming the MP . Targeting the agitating farmers in Delhi, he claimed that the middlemen were holding the Bharat bandh protest program under the garb of the farmers.

He alleged that the CM of the state was extending support to the protest program of the commission agents. Referring to the opposition of CM KCR to the corporatisation of the agriculture sector, he mocked that the CM was implementing corporate methods to cultivate crops in his farm house. He asked the CM , who has removed the dharna Chowk, as to how he is holding the same dharna program. He demanded CM KCR to register the properties of the farmers free of cost if he really loved them.

Commenting on the agriculture legislations, he said that the laws would help the farmers to sell their produce in their fields. He claimed that the prime minister of the country Narendra Modi was enhancing the MSP of crops for every three months. (Hydnow)

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