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We Have Restored Democracy In The Telangana State: Revanth Reddy

We Have Restored Democracy In The Telangana State: Revanth ReddyWe Have Restored Democracy In The Telangana State: Revanth Reddy

Hyderabad, Dec 16 (Hydnow): Chief Minister Revanth Reddy said that the people of Telangana are flocking to voice their problems after breaking the bars of Pragati Bhavan and removing the iron fence.

The Chief Minister replied during the debate on the motion of thanks for the Governor’s speech, he said that the people have given the vote against the family, and even now they do not want to give a chance to others in the legislature.  Even now, only one family member is talking. Autocracy does not last long.  The people stood up and gave a verdict against family rule.”  

We Have Restored Democracy In The Telangana State: Revanth Reddy
We Have Restored Democracy In The Telangana State: Revanth Reddy

BRS leaders cannot tolerate people breaking the walls of Pragati Bhavan to raise their issues.  Earlier, the Home Guard said that Deputy Chief Minister Mahmood Ali was not allowed to enter Pragati Bhavan.  If the then finance minister Etala Rajender went to Pragati Bhavan to meet the CM, the police sent him back as there was no permission.  Gaddar, a popular singer who went to meet the CM, was also insulted in the same way.  He was kept at the gate of Pragati Bhavan for hours.  All these incidents were observed by the people of Telangana.  Ministers and Gaddaranna were denied the opportunity to meet the Chief Minister during BRS rule.  We have restored democracy in the state and given freedom to the people.  The government is ready to listen to people freely and voice their problems.


“People have not forgotten the history of Komati Reddy Venkat Reddy and Sampath Kumar’s cancellation of their membership in the Legislative Assembly for protesting.  On the first day of the formation of the government, we held a cabinet meeting and approved six guarantees,  We are creating an activity to give legitimacy to six guarantees.  Have the families of martyrs ever been invited to Pragati Bhavan and honored? Have you ever supported families who lost children in the movement? After being in power for ten years, the cases against the Telangana activities were not dropped.  Why DSP Nalini who gave up her job for Telangana was not given justice?  KCR has given ministerial posts to his son, daughter, and relatives, BRs repeatedly says that it is a movement party, it has removed Dharnachowk, we restore Dharnachowk and give rights to the people of Telangana to save democracy.  

NCRT report revealed that 1.25 lakh farmers have committed suicide in Telangana in the last ten years.  Is this a peasant government?  Telangana ranks 25th in farmers’ income, farmer suicide should not have happened if the crop insurance scheme had been implemented.  CM Revanth Reddy criticized the government of India, which did not pay attention to the farmer when he was alive.

KCR said that if he planted rice, cultivate 150 acres of rice in his farmhouse.  KCR sold his paddy at Rs. 4,250 per quintal.  Ready to investigate this? Telangana’s number one in per capita power consumption is a blatant lie.  If crores of acres are irrigated through canals then why has the number of pump sets increased? In 2014, the number of pump sets was 19 lakh, but today it reached 29 lakh.  Even after Telangana came, why couldn’t we use the waters of Krishna?  discrimination against Palamuru and Chevella region was also committed in separate Telangana.  The Pranahita-Chevella upliftment scheme was canceled and this area was treated with great injustice.  The evacuees of Mid Maner have not received compensation so far.  They are still agitating.  Criminals who questioned the sand robbery were persecuted and tortured.  Dalits were put in lockups and tortured with electric shocks.  No member of the BRS shall be expelled from the House under any circumstances.  We will make them sit here and tell them the harsh truth.  This is the punishment for them, said the CM.  (Hydnow)


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