We Respect The Efforts Of India in Space Science: Dr Claudio Ansorena Montero

We Respect The Efforts Of India in Space Science: Dr Claudio Ansorena Montero

Hyderabad, Sept 05: The Federation of Telangana Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FTCCI) organized an interactive session with trade representatives of both countries on Monday late evening with Dr Claudio Ansorena Montero, Ambassador of Costa Rica to India at FTCCI at Red Hills.

Speaking on the occasion the envoy said Costa Rica is a small country compared to India.  But we have shared values in areas such as Democracy, Peace, and Sustainability.

Yours is the world’s largest democracy. Costa Rica is one of the world’s oldest democracies, thus, its parliamentary history dates back several centuries, he said.


We Respect The Efforts Of India in Space Science: Dr Claudio Ansorena Montero

You are a peace-loving country.  Mahatma Gandhi is your Bapu (Father of the Nation).  We too have our own Gandhi. You proved to the world that you can achieve anything through peace.  Costa Rica abolished its army as a permanent institution, making Costa Rica one of the first countries in the world to do so, he shared.  We could afford to do so.  You are a big country and this may not be possible. 

Another area where there is a commonality between the two nations is Sustainability.  99% of our energy comes from renewable sources.  Our forest cover which was just 25% in the year 1980 is now 54%.  The Ambassador added that they own six percent of Biodiversity in the world.

Speaking about India’s recent success in space exploration, he said, we respect India’s efforts in Space Science.  The Ambassador who met Shri S. Somanath, Chairman, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)/ Secretary, Department of Space at ISRO Headquarters in January this year expressed keen interest in learning from India’s rich experience in the field of space. Opportunities for collaboration at the industry level and also capacity building of officials from Costa Rica in satellite building and space technology application are plenty, he said.


On the sustainability front, Costa Rican companies are using plastic waste to make construction blocks. We need to do some cooperation on that front he shared

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Donal Thomson, CEO of CRDC Company Costa Rica, gave a brief presentation about how they are making use of plastic waste and turning it into useful building blocks. 

Introducing RESIN8, a breakthrough concrete additive made from mixed plastic waste, designed by and for the construction industry, he said the company’s aim was to create value from the world’s plastic waste.  Only 9.5% of plastic waste worldwide is recycled (16% in the USA). The remaining 90.5% is incinerated or ends up in landfills or the ocean. More than 150 million tons of CO2 of greenhouse gases emitted per year are due to plastic incineration. 


Introducing RESIN8, a breakthrough concrete additive made from mixed plastic waste, he expressed his desire to collaborate with Indian companies for mutual good.

Giving his opening remarks, Mr Meela Jayadev, President of FTCCI said India’s exports to Costa Rica are worth around $ 200 million.  But, the imports from Costa Rica stand at around $ 40 million.  Since the import volume is limited, we see a lot of untapped potential and possibilities for growth.

The two countries have signed several Bilateral trade agreements and MoUs. An important example was the India-Costa Rica Centre for Excellence in Information Technology (CEIT) in Costa Rica.  India majorly exports Packaged medicaments and automobiles to Costa Rica, while it imports Rough Wood, informed AVPS Chakravarthy, Chairman of the International Trade Committee.


Several industry representatives from both countries attended the meeting.

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