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Will The Elusive China Pneumonia Virus Come To India?

Will The Elusive China Pneumonia Virus Come To India?Will The Elusive China Pneumonia Virus Come To India?

Hyderabad, Nov 23 (Hydnow): The world is expressing concern over the spread of a new virus, spreading in China, while the country is just breathing after getting out of the Coronavirus, if this disease spreads to other countries, will this disease also spread in the border country of India, do we have to wear masks again, do we have to keep physical distance again, do we have to use sanitizers, so many doubts are being expressed.

Many doctors in India are worried about the new virus spreading in China, it is not possible to say whether the current infections will turn into a pandemic.  WHO has already given China many instructions on the new virus.  However, doctors say that personal protection such as masks, hand sanitisation and maintaining physical distance is essential.

When you hear this word, Corona comes to mind.  At a time when it was reduced and everything was fine.  Now the world is afraid that a new virus is born in China.  There is no reason for this. In China Millions of small children, infants are now in hospitals all over the country of China.  All the hospitals across the country are filled with children. Children have been diagnosed with a new disease with symptoms of pneumonia.  Doctors say it is not pneumonia even if it has symptoms of pneumonia.  With this, the Chinese medical department will make arrangements for emergency treatments.  On the other hand, the World health organization, have also ordered China to immediately disclose the symptoms and treatment details of Chinese children.  


It is too early to tell whether the current infection will become a pandemic.  WHO is already involved and looking into the matter.  Practicing personal protection in the form of masks, frequent hand sanitisation and social distance is important, according to Dr. Tushar Tayal, consultant in internal medicine at CK Birla Hospital in Gurugram said. (Hydnow

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