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YS Sharmila Sends A Variety Gift To KCR

YS Sharmila Sends A Variety Gift To KCRYS Sharmila Sends A Variety Gift To KCR

Hyderabad, Dec 2 (Hydnow): Election results in Telangana will be announced tomorrow (sunday), in this connection, YSRTP Chief Y.S Sharmila sent a variety gift to the Chief Minister K.C Chandrasekhar Rao. A suit case was sent as a gift to KCR saying bye-bye KCR.. The time has come to fix the KCR suitcase. Pack up KCR. Bye-bye KCR” she commented.

She said that KCR’s rule will come to an end. She said that the time has come for KCR to pack up. We are giving him a gift. She pointed out that 71 people won with the majority of ten thousand in the Karnataka elections, she said that even if a majority of 10,000 is important, even if she contests and splits 15,000 votes, it will make a difference.

Her party supported congress to defeat KCR. She said that the people of Telangana have understood that BJP and BRS have been meeting for many years. She criticized BJP for not taking a single action on KCR’s corruption. It is alleged that these two are meeting as accomplices.


YS Sharmila Sends A Variety Gift To KCR

Amit Shah, Union Minister said that there is no more corrupt politician than KCR. Prime Minister Modi said that no matter what schemes he does, they will not work, if you are not together, why didn’t you take a single action even though we asked you to make an inquiry?” If BRS and BJP are not one party, they should not support this election. She said that MLAs should not be bought unless it should be taken as a referendum. She said that KCR bought 45 people in 2014 and 2018. KCR bought 40 MLAs, 4 MLCs and 1 MP. She demanded the KCR not to repeat this again.

She said that there are many people who have credibility in the Congress party. Sharmila said that the Congress party will decide who will be the Chief Minister. (Hydnow)

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