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Avoid Posting Photos And Details On Social Media: CP To Girls

Hyderabad CP Sandeep Shandilya IllHyderabad CP Sandeep Shandilya Ill

Hyderabad, Nov 11 (Hydnow): Hyderabad City Police Commissioner Sandeep Sandilya said that one should be alert to strangers on social media. He asked the girls not to post their photos and details as much as possible.  

He held a press meeting on the issue of peace and security in the city, today, the Police commissioner said that the two girls from the city were trapped by some bystanders on social media.  Chatting was going on between them for these three months.  The pranksters morphed the photos and videos of the girls.  Finally, they threatened to post those photos and videos on the internet if their wishes were not fulfilled.  In this case, two accused were trapped and arrested by the Hyderabad police.  Talking about these cases, CP Sandilya said, “After taking charge as CP of Hyderabad, two cases came to my attention.  In both these young women are the victims.  The thugs morphed their photos and blackmailed them.  He was raped with those threats.  These two incidents happened because young women were posting profile pictures and chatting with strangers.  so no one should fall into such traps, don’t become victims,  he added.

Girls should be careful with social media.  do not post personal photos on accounts. If so, lock your social media profile.  Do not accept requests from strangers.  Secure profile in two steps.  Do not video call with friends or strangers.  Don’t worry if someone blackmails and pressures you.  If anyone has trouble, say that my brother is the police, contact our numbers directly:  Cell Nos 9490616555, 871266001.


If any girls or women are harassed or complain, consider the police as your brothers, consider me (Commissioner Sandy referring to himself) as your brother.  We will take strict action against the accused based on your complaints, he added.

He also advised to the parents that intoxicating tablets are brought from Bidar and sold in Hyderabad.  The gang is targeting students.  The accused attacked the police when they went to Bidar to arrest the accused.  The narcotics police were also seriously injured in the attacks.  There is only one appeal to the parents of the children.  Stay with them.  Focus on not leaving them alone. (Hydnow) 

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