Chandigarh University Video Leak: Girl Students Scared To Use Toilet Now

Chandigarh University Video Leak: Girl Students Scared To Use Toilet Now

Chandigarh University video leak: After a video release prompted significant protests on campus over the past several days, female students at Chandigarh University in Mohali are afraid to use the restroom. While the demonstrations have subsided and the university has declared a two-day shutdown, many students from neighbouring cities have already returned home.

Students claim that a female student recorded up to 60 personal recordings of other students in her dorm and sent them to her boyfriend in Shimla. Additionally, they claimed that some videos had been posted on social media and porn sites.

However, police have refuted this. The girl allegedly recorded films of herself and sent them to her lover. Police stated that they had not discovered any other videos of other girls and claimed that rumours had caused the students’ unrest and terror.


The girl, her boyfriend, and a second boy who is reportedly her ex-boyfriend have all been taken into custody.

Many female students who spoke to the media during the demonstrations yesterday evening said they were now afraid to use the restroom. Police have also begun investigating whether the hostel has any covert cameras.

A protesting girl responded, “I am a day scholar, but students residing in hostels, definitely they will be worried,” when asked if there is fear among the students. She claimed that because the police had been bought off by the university administration, they were not standing up for the students.


Another student claimed that the police comments are inconsistent “Why is she locked up if she merely forwarded her video? Their assertions are illogical. We want everything to return to normal and for courses to begin, but we also don’t want any confusion.”

The dormitory warden, who has now been suspended for reportedly misbehaving with the female students, was criticised by a different student protester. “Where is the alleged warden who claimed that your clothing, not the films, is the issue? She claimed that the reason boys produce inappropriate movies is due of your clothing. The warden is the reason why female students feel uncomfortable talking to university officials.”

Only four recordings of the girl’s own self were discovered on her phone, a senior police officer informed NDTV. “All she did was send them to her lover. Her phone was sent for forensic analysis. No suicide attempt was made, as well.” Numerous social media posts from yesterday stated that several girls attempted suicide after the release of their films. Police, however, reported that a few girls passed out during the demonstrations.


Director of the university’s student welfare, Arvinder Singh Kang, stated: “To ensure that students are happy, we filed a FIR. Have any MMS been discovered on social media? It doesn’t exist, thus it isn’t there. Neither a suicide attempt nor a fatality have occurred. Investigating how such rumours spread is important.”

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