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Uber Hacker Claims To Have Hacked Rockstar Games, Releases GTA 6 Videos

Uber Hacker Claims To Have Hacked Rockstar Games, Releases GTA 6 VideosUber Hacker Claims To Have Hacked Rockstar Games, Releases GTA 6 Videos

Hot on the heels of the Uber hacking incident last week, someone claiming to be the hacker behind it now says Rockstar Games has been hacked. As evidence of this, videos of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6, which is still in the early stages of development, have been leaked and published online.

The hacker, using a handle of teapotuberhacker and posting to the GTAForums fan forum, claimed to have gained access to Rockstar Games’ Slack server and also its team-working Confluence wiki. As well as making claims to be the same ‘Tea Pot’ hacker who was behind the Uber incident, the threat actor says they had gained access to both GTA 5 and GTA 6 source code along with other assets. To back this up, a file containing some 90 videos was also uploaded.


What GTA 6 videos have been leaked?
Bleeping Computer reports that these videos seem to have been “created by developers debugging various features in the game” and feature Vice City locations as well as conversations with Non-Player Characters (NPCs).


Some of the videos have since been published on YouTube, and, despite the best efforts of Rockstar Games issuing takedown notices, many remain viewable today.

According to that Bleeping Computer report, extortion appears to be the motivation with the threat actor demanding money in return for not publishing the source code to the GTA 6 game.

Awaiting comment from Rockstar Games


I have reached out to Rockstar Games for a statement but have not heard back at the time of publication. However, a reporter for Bloomberg, Jason Schreier, has tweeted that “Rockstar sources” have confirmed the GTA 6 leak is real.

9 years after GTA 5 was originally launched, finally there is proof that Rockstar Games is working on the next edition of the insanely popular video game – Grand Theft Auto 6.

The news comes through a major leak, a hacker who calls himself ‘teapotuberhacker’ on the internet has leaked over 90 videos of the gameplay of GTA 6 which is currently under development. The leaked videos confirm the ‘Female Protagonist’ in a Vice City setting, as reported earlier. The leaked gameplay videos also show NPCs being more interactive than GTA 5, upgraded GFX, and more.


As the GTA 6 leaked video dump reached social media, Take 2 Interactive, the company that owns Rockstar Games started issuing copyright claims against users who shared the leaked content, this also adds credibility to the leaked videos being real. The hacker on the other hand has allegedly claimed to have the source code of GTA 5 and GTA 6 in his possession, and will not sell GTA 5 source code for less than 5 figures, while GTA 6 source code (Testing build) is ‘Not for sale at this moment.’

The Hacker has allegedly claimed to be behind the recent Uber hack as well, however, he has provided no proof for this claim.

Grand Theft Auto 6


GTA 5 has been one of the best-selling games in video game history with over 170 million copies sold worldwide to date. The game was released on September 17th, 2013, and has seen absolutely no competition to date. Users however are waiting for the next edition of the franchise.

An early source code leak would be disastrous for Take 2 Interactive. On the other hand, a GTA5 source code leak would mean players currently playing the game could face an increasing number of hacks, ruining the experience. Hackers on GTA Online are already quite common on PC.

Rockstar and Take 2 are yet to respond to the leaks, however, Jason Schreier from Bloomberg has confirmed with Rockstar sources that the leak is indeed real.


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