• Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

ECI Appoints Three Special Bobservers To Telangana

EC Has Banned The TV Ads Flouting Poll Code EC Has Banned The TV Ads Flouting Poll Code 

Delhi/Hyderabad, Nov 7 (Hydnow): The Central Election Commission (ECI) has appointed three special observers to monitor the election affairs in Telangana, It includes retired IAS officer Ajay V Naik, retired IPS officer Deepak Mishra and retired IRS officer R. Balakrishnan.

The Special Officers held a high-level meeting at the Election Commission office here. “Police personnel should be assigned duties in other areas other than polling centers within their police station. Randomization should be done on all the personnel participating in the duties on the polling day.

The details of those who have filed complaints against the voter list should be entered in a separate district-wise register, including their cell phone number. Observers should talk to them on the phone to find out the extent to which complaints have been resolved


The election authorities of the respective constituencies should take steps to ensure that the candidates contest the elections and that the polling agents download the C-whistle app compulsorily. Inspection teams in the field should film the proceedings with video cameras and not with cell phones. Special observers explained that the district authorities should make arrangements to monitor the news broadcast on TV on the polling day.

EC Expenditure Affairs Deputy Election Commissioner Ajay Bhadu stated that the officials and observers of the enforcement agencies should widen their surveillance and prevent irregularities in the elections. He spoke in a meeting with agencies and observers. It is suggested to stop the distribution of money, liquor, and freebies in elections. EC Expenditure Affairs Director Pankaj Srivastava.

State chief Electoral Officer Vikas Raj, Additional Chief Electoral Officer Lokesh Kumar, Joint Chief Electoral Officer Sarfraz Ahmed, Deputy Chief Electoral Officer Satyavani, and others participated in the meeting. (Hydnow)


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