Monsoon Session Is For Clearing Bills: Nama Nageshwar Reddy

Hyderabad, Sept.13 (Hydnow): TRS floor leader Nama Nageswara rao said that the central government had convened the upcoming session of parliament with an objective to approve its pending bills. He also said that the Business Advisory Committee (BAC) meeting held by the Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla on Sunday revolved around the same. He said that they had urged the speaker to hold discussions on issues like GST pending funds to the states , migrant workers problems , unemployment , border disputes and economic development of the country.

Rao also revealed that they had urged the speaker to discuss on the issues related to various states of the country. He said that the speaker had told him that they would hold another meeting on the issue of the bills on September 15 of this month. He said that the central government was going to introduce 12 ordinances and 25 bills in the monsoon session. Citing that the controversial electricity amendment bill is also coming up for approval in the session, he said that the state government would oppose the bill. (Hydnow)

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