Support TRS For Growth: Harish Rao

Hyderabad, Nov.26 (Hydnow): Finance, Minister Harish Rao today urged people in Ramchandrapuram division to vote for TRS for more development.

He campaigned in the GHMC polls for TRS candidates here. The minister accused the BJP and the Congress for false manifestos to woo voters. Our voters have to be cautious of these parties who failed to help flood victims, Harish Rai said.

The minister stressed the need for people to support KCR Government for welfare programs. The opposition parties are making false promises only for votes, he charged. Their manifestos are to chest and nothing to do with development, he remarked.

The KCR government will offer Rs 10000 help to remaining flood victims he said. The BJP leaders conspired to stall the same he fumed.
The Congress promises to give Rs 50000 and the BJP says to offer half of it. The BJP stalled Rs 10000 help by KCR government for flood victims he said. (Hydnow)

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