Take Back The Cheques If Anyone Gave Bribe for BC Bandhu: Gangula Kamalakar

Take Back The Cheques If Anyone Gave Bribe for BC Bandhu: Gangula Kamalakar

Karimnagar: BC Welfare Gangula Kamalakar warned to take back the cheques if anybody was given bribes to middlemen for getting the BC Bandhu benefit.

He asked the people not to bribe anyone since the selection of beneficiaries for BC Bandhu was being done in a transparent manner. Both bribe givers and takers would be treated as accused persons and the cheques taken back, the minister warned while distributing BC Bandhu cheques to 686 beneficiaries here on Friday.

Kamalakar said that during the previous governments, people were forced to “make one lakh rounds to get Rs 1 lakh loan”. Were the schemes like Kalyana Laxmi and Shadi Mubarak being implemented in BJP and Congress-ruled states? he questioned.


Nowhere in the country, thousands of welfare schemes were being implemented as in Telangana. The leaders, who disappeared after the last elections, were again approaching them, he said and advised the people not to believe those leaders. He expressed confidence that the BRS, which was in the mind of the public, would come to power in the next elections.

In order to revive caste occupations that were destroyed in the united Andhra Pradesh, the state government led by Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao was taking various steps.

Kamalakar said that beneficiaries, who had not gotten BC Bandhu cheques, need not worry since all the eligible people would be provided benefits in a phased manner stating that it was a continuous process. The schemes introduced by Chandrashekhar Rao were reaching the people regardless of political affiliations, he informed.


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