TDP Leaders Put Under House Arrest

TDP Leaders Put Under House Arrest

Amaravati: Telugu Desam Party (TDP) continued its statewide protests for the third consecutive day on Wednesday, voicing their concerns against the sand policy and the rampant illegal transportation of sand. The leadership of TDP has mobilized a demonstration outside the headquarters of the Directorate of Mines and Geology, urging for stronger action.

The police have taken the preventive measure of confining former minister Devineni Uma to his residence in Gollapudi. A substantial police presence has been stationed in close proximity to his house. The TDP is actively opposing the sand-related policies of the YSRCP and the unlawful mining activities.

Concurrently, in the Guntur district, former ministers Nakka Ananda Babu and Alapati Raja have been placed under house arrest, and numerous TDP leaders have received official notices from the police. The TDP leaders have a scheduled meeting with the Deputy Director of the Mining Department for Wednesday.


However, police actions have disrupted these plans with house arrests and notices, asserting that the gathering is not permitted. Despite these hindrances, the TDP leaders have affirmed their determination to visit the mining office, which has been a source of considerable obstacles, and present evidence of irregularities pertaining to sand management.

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