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Vote To BRS In Forthcoming Parliament Elections Is Like Dumping In Garbage Box: Kishan Reddy 

Vote To BRS In Forthcoming Parliament Elections Is Like Dumping In Garbage Box: Kishan Reddy Vote To BRS In Forthcoming Parliament Elections Is Like Dumping In Garbage Box: Kishan Reddy 

Hyderabad, Jan 4 (Hydnow): BJP State President and Union Minister G. Kishan Reddy said that the KCR BRS party no longer exists in Telangana, it is an outdated party.  He said that voting for the Farm House Party (KCR who spent the entire period when he ruled the state at Farm House)  in the Lok Sabha elections is like throwing it in the garbage box  

Speaking to the press persons, here today, the BJP chief said that the BRS MPs who have been elected have not done any development in their area they have not done anything in Delhi as MPs to show to the people.   

He also criticized the Congress government.  He questioned when the Ration card was not issued in the last 10 years by the previous BRS government in the state, why the present Congress government seeking an application for the six guarantees and asking for a Ration card, no correction has been made in the ration card by the previous government nor it has been updated nor single new ration cards were given, how the people will furnish the details, he question, he said that seeking the applications on six guarantees only to drag the issue till the Election Commission announced the schedule for the Parliament elections 


Kishan Reddy questioned whether the government has the details of those who went to jail and were arrested during the Telangana movement. Can the present Congress government order the DGP and bring the details? Also, there is no clarity as to who will be given Rs. 2500, 

He pointed out that the Civil Supplies Department has the data to give the cylinder, he asked why new applications are being asked, when the center deposits Kishan Samman scheme money in the accounts of the farmers, why applications were being asked when there was Rythu Bandhu data provided by the State government.  The employment guarantee data is with the Government, what is the secret behind asking for an application< he questioned.

He alleged that seeking the application is only a drama to drag the time till the Election Commission announces the Parliamentary elections.  It is an application to get people in trouble, no matter when you fulfill the assurances, but the people were put into trouble as they were wandering around the office unnecessarily.   


Responding to Revanth’s comments that Modi’s medicine has expired in the Congress plenary, Kishan Reddy asked Revanth to tell him how Modi’s medicine expired.  As long as Rahul is there, Modi’s medicine will not expire.  Rahul Gandhi’s formula was rejected.  and where does medicine come in?  Congress did not win in Telangana.  BRS lost.  He said that there were many allegations against the previous government regarding the Kaleswaram project and the pain expressed by all the parties was known.  I have asked for a Judicial inquiry as well as a CBI investigation.  Revanth wrote a letter to the CBI investigation in the capacity of a Member of Parliament.  He asked the Chief Minister to write a letter for the CBI investigation and now Revanth is the CM, why is he making personal allegations without writing a letter? He said that if he writes a letter now in the capacity of CM, CBI will surely investigate the corruption and when he is not in power, he said that when he is out of power, he speaks another word after losing power.

He alleged that Revanth is speaking arrogantly If you try to save KCR in the name of Judicial inquiry.  I will not be able to do anything.  You have no moral right to question the BJP.  Everyone knows who earns what kind of income (coding Revanth’s comments).  Everyone knows how my reign began.  How CM’s reign began.  I am against personal attacks.  If you talk about my income and challenge me, I am ready to prove that my income is high.  If you have any evidence that the BJP has taken a commission in Kaleswaram, they should prove it.   He alleged that Congress was involved in all the scams such Coal scam, the 2g scam, the National Herald case, Commonwealth scam by a youth Congress thief,  Why did they change the stand on Pharma City 15 days ago, why did you take a U-turn so early? Did the pharma companies retreat because the owners came and met?  Afraid of lobbying by pharma companies? Surrender? he asked.  

Finally, Kishan Reddy termed the congress and BRS as looters and thieves. He recalled that he defeated the KCR party three times in Amberpet. (Hydnow) 


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