Onion Price Drops to Rs 50/kg in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: After bringing tears to consumers with its price in the retail skyrocketing to almost Rs.150 per kg, the essential for Indian cuisine, onion, has started becoming affordable. Last month, onion registered a steep climb on price charts and steadily grew from Rs.100 per kg and later shot up to Rs.150. In some situations, when the supplies turned scarce, onion commanded a price of Rs.170 to Rs.180 in the retail.

However, there was some cheer in Sunday markets as the staple in Indian food was sold for Rs.50 per kg and the second grade onion in Rythu Bazaars was priced at Rs.30. The market authorities, while feeling relieved over the drop in prices, expressed hope of the price dropping further. “In February, we expect the onion prices to go down by Rs.10 to Rs.20 per kg,” said a trader.

Traders attribute the drop in prices to high arrivals of onion from Maharashtra, Karnataka and some parts of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, in the last few days. According to Ramesh, Estate Officer, Erragadda Model Rythu Bazaar, there is a good yield in rabi season and accordingly, local farmers are bringing good amount of onion to the markets. “Due to adequate arrivals and prices dropping considerably, there is a sense of relief among consumers,” he said.
Agents in Mahboob Market said they were receiving new stocks in 50 to 60 trucks daily and the arrivals are expected to improve further in a month. They pointed out that the market suffered severe shortage of onion during November and December and their business was effected to a large extent. Apart from households thinking twice before buying onion at such high prices, even hotels and restaurants found it difficult to add onion as a salad, mainly with Biryanis and non-vegetarian dishes.

According to Murali of Maheshwari Trading Company in Malakpet, the cost of grade 1 onion in Mahabub Market currently was in the range of Rs.4,000 to Rs.5,000 per quintal and grade II onion was offered at Rs.2,000 to Rs.3,000 per quintal.

“We look at grade 1 onion being available at around Rs.40 per kg by February and if everything goes well, they might even be sold for Rs.30,” he added. It’s not just onion, but the prices of vegetables have also come down in the last couple of weeks. On Sunday, the prices of tomatoes stood at Rs.15 a kg, green chilly at Rs.29, cabbage at Rs.11 and ladyfinger at Rs.23, brinjal at Rs.19 and ‘donda’ at Rs.19 a kg.

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