Organic Farming Is Useful: Dayakar Rao

Hyderabad, Jan.1 (Hydnow): Panchayat Raj Minister E Dayakar Rao today said that organic fertilizers and vermi-compost through wet garbage is useful for more crops and produce. He appreciated a team of farmers of Makhrake village in Adilabad district for the vermi compost and fertilizer with which they increased crop yield.

The minister appreciated the farmers for earning Rs 2 lakh in a year through vermin compost fertilizers. They showed the fertilizer to the minister at his office here and Dayakar Rao appreciated the village sarpanch and the farmers.

The use of vermin-compost and organic fertilizers will increase crops and yield, he said. This has to be practiced by the farmers in their fields, the minister added. (Hydnow)

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